nasanay na ko during my consulting days (naks)
na pagkatinanong ka if you’re willing to be in a company bond
eh ibig sabihin eh meron kang minimum stay sa company or else
you’d have to pay. This goes true with some companies that i would’ve
worked for but had to turn it down because of the bond thing. Companies
like accenture, gma artist center at star circle (kahit kailan
magulo talaga ang mundo ng showbiz)

with accenture i think they make you pay more than 100k php
if you are not able to fulfill the tenure.

i always get asked by different headhunters here, whether it be
during the interviews or while filling up forms, whether
i am bondable or not.

syempre, to give myself flexibility eh i normally say no.
isipin mo if it’s more than 100k in the philippines what more dito
baka maipit din kasi sa iisang company

during one of the interviews i had this afternoon
gave out a big look of suprise when i told her
that i am not bondable.

turns out, what they mean by bondable is that
i haven’t had any criminal records and bond that
she was referring was that of a felony bond that any
person without a police record is entitled to.

so ….
kaya siguro ala pang dumarating na job offer sakin.